Christian Coffee Talk Ministry Updates!

Click on the video above to hear host, Brandee Nielsen, share about the expansion of Christian Coffee Talk to Videocast and more updates with you in mind!

Our Mission

To encourage the Power, Hope, and Purpose of Christ, in Everyday Life, and foster Revelation [12:11] among women. Brandee says…

“I am so passionate about this promise in God’s word, where we overcome the enemy, by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of our testimonies. Our God stories give a real-life account of the miracle transformations that Jesus has accomplished in our lives. This includes how we came to accept Him as our Savior, as well as the big and small miracles that God does in our lives on a daily basis.

Our testimonies bear witness to the truth, and they have the ability to change the lives of others who experience similar life challenges. This is the heart of our ministry. To bear witness to the truth of Jesus Christ, and to sharpen each other in our daily walks.”

Your Story!

“I’m excited to share some updates about our ministry! But first I want to thank you, for your participation in making this ministry work. God has laid heavy on my heart the importance of YOUR STORY, YOUR LIFE and YOUR VOICE as a member of the body of Christ.

You, who have Christ in you, have the power to lead others to Him. That’s why I encourage you to not only listen to our podcast, and read our group discussions, but to be the actual contributors.”

Join Our Army!

“It’s not my intent to be a lone voice in this arena, but to rally an army of voices!

We learn in Titus Chapter 2, that as women, we’re encouraged to mentor and be mentored, according to our progression in life. It tells older women to train up younger women. But this doesn’t mean that younger women don’t have a voice to encourage and inspire others.

This is why I want to give you opportunities to exercise your voice through our online platform, as well as our podcast, and now videocast!

All posts and submissions are considered with prayer and discernment before we accept or respond.”

Bible Readings!

“God has recently encouraged me to promote more “Bible Reading”  as a priority over all other books and materials.

The Holy Bible is the word of God. It gives direct instruction for how we should live according to His will. And it honestly has an answer for everything! There isn’t a shred of information or advice anyone can offer that is better for you than God’s word. So stay tuned for more videos featuring Bible readings!”


“I would love for you to subscribe to our Christian Coffee Talk podcast on iTunes or Google Play, so you can automatically receive new episodes each week on Wednesday mornings. I also share them in a Unit on our online group for discussion, after they air. Each show features a Coffee Talk Topic that you can engage in, so I hope you’ll join me!”

Thank You!

“Again I thank you  for making this ministry work, and enriching my walk with Christ, by sharing your own.

I’m Brandee Nielsen, and I look so forward to you, in the coffee room.”


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