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Christian Coffee Talk as a Podcast was founded by Brandee Nielsen to Encourage the Power, Hope and Purpose of Christ in Everyday Life.

Each podcast episode features a “Coffee Talk Topic” relevant to the everyday challenges and victories experienced by Christians walking out their faith in today’s world, and, fosters Revelation 12:11 among women. Guests on the show include well-known and unknown authors, artists, actors, speakers, ministry leaders, pastors, and other change makers.

Christian Coffee Talk airs new episodes every Wednesday morning simultaneously on iTunes Podcast, Google Play Podcast,, and everywhere podcasts are played for On Demand listening, subscription and downloads for free.

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Why Coffee Talk?

Brandee created the Christian Coffee Talk for Women Online Community in September of 2015.

Brandee says “God inspired me to name it Christian Coffee Talk not only because I love coffee, but because coffee is an icebreaker. How many times have you been invited, or invited someone to have a conversation over coffee? Even if you don’t drink it?

Conversations over coffee include many deep and intimate subjects relevant to a broad scope of everyday dealings in life. Subjects that are often difficult to address due to fear or intimidation, or, exclusivity to gender or personal matters.

Christian Coffee Talk fosters Revelation 12:11 among women. We share our testimonies not only to overcome adversity in our own lives but to lift others out of theirs. God is not a respecter of persons. What He does for one of us, He will do for another.”


In July of 2016, Brandee met Babbie Mason on a Christian Cruise to Alaska. When Brandee shared the name of her online community, Babbie prophesied that it would become a talk show. Christian Coffee Talk as a Podcast was born in November of 2016 when  Jennifer Alden of One Jam Nation Radio offered Brandee a 1/2 hour spot.

After a successful 1 year run on One JAM Nation, Christian Coffee Talk continues as an independent Podcast, which has evolved to be known as the new Talk Radio

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Our online community offers a warm and safe place for sisters-in-Christ to share experiences and sharpen each other in Christ. We exist to Encourage the Power, Hope and Purpose of Christ in Everyday Life. Our passion is to foster Revelation 12:11 among women.

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