Coffee Talk Topic: Find Rest

This show’s coffee talk topic encourages us to find rest for our “souls” in a way that host Brandee Nielsen says:

“Soul rest is not commonly understood when we think of resting, and what Jesus was really saying when He told us to come to Him to find rest for our souls.

Many of us have viogours schedules and mountaous obligations that cause physical exaustion and mental wearyness. But coming to Jesus when we are weary is not exclusive to the physical part.

This is a topic I certianly need to apply, and I’m sure will help many others!”

Featured Guest: Shaunti Feldhan

We’re joined by Shaunti Feldhan, who’s a best-selling author, and a groundbreaking social researcher with a master’s degree from Harvard University, to talk about her new book and first devotional, Find Rest: A Women’s Devotional For Lasting Peace In a Busy Life.

In her new book, Shaunti leads women on a 60-day journey to find true rest and peace, even in today’s modern world. Drawing on both scriptures and science to focus on eight essential elements of rest:

1. Build On Rock
2. Live According to Your Purpose
3. Set Aside Superwoman
4. Connect with God
5. Shift Your Perspective
6. Create Life-giving Relationships
7. Walk in Obedience
8. And Have No Fear


Connect with Shaunti and get a copy of this or any of great books at

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