Coffee Talk Topic: Staying Connected to God in a Distracting Culture.

Staying connected to God requires practice in our digital age. Did you read the Bible today? Did you read any scripture at all this week? Well, there’s a study that says if we practice reading the Bible four or more times a week, it will dramatically change the direction of our lives. Let’s test this out together!

Featured Guest: Kathleen Cooke

We’re joined by Kathleen Cooke, founder of The Influence Lab, whose focus is to redefine Christian media strategies in our digital age. Kathleen shares about her new devotional, Hope 4 Today, primarily based on a study conducted by the Center for Bible Engagement called: Scientific Evidence for the Power of 4. This study revealed that when we are reading the bible at least 4 or more times a week, it will dramatically change the direction of our lives.

Kathleen Cooke is a founding partner at Cooke Pictures, where she oversees casting and is a creative director. She’s the former co-director of the global Biola Media Conference and the National Women’s ASCEND Conference. Kathleen also founded and directed, Christian Women in Media Hollywood.

Kathleen leads and inspires women involved in media and entertainment through her nonprofit, The Influence Lab. She enjoys speaking globally and editing the Influence Women’s Journal. Kathleen humbly serves on the advisory boards for the National Salvation Army, the Hollywood Prayer Network, and 4WordWomen.

Kathleen cherishes being a wife to her husband Phil, and a mother to two daughters, and grandmother to two grandchildren.


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