Who is Brandee Nielsen?

Brandee Nielsen is the Founder and Host of the Christian Coffee Talk Podcast and Christian Coffee Talk for Women Online Community, which exists to “Encourage the Power, Hope and Purpose of Christ in Everyday Life.”

Brandee is a devoted wife and mother living in Tampa Florida, who humbly embraces her conviction as a surrendered sister, worship leader, songwriter, and author, with a great passion for fostering Revelation 12:11 among women. Her convictions encompass abortion awareness and taking action in the fight against Human Trafficking, sex abuse and exploitations committed against people.

Brandee’s podcast episodes feature a “Coffee Talk Topic” relevant to the everyday challenges and victories experienced by Christians walking out their faith in today’s world. Guests on the show include International, National and Local well-known and unknown breakout authors, artists, actors, speakers, ministry leaders, pastors, and other change makers.

Brandee’s Story

Brandee’s book Unforgotten details victories over difficult life challenges encompassing neglect, abuse, agnosticism, codependency, kidnapping, abortion and a host of other emotional dysfunctions.

Watch Brandee’s Story on the RealLife Series on CTN

Why Coffee Talk?

Brandee created the Christian Coffee Talk for Women Online Community in September of 2015 as a safe place for women to share experiences and sharpen each other in their daily walks with Christ.

Brandee says “God inspired me to name it Christian Coffee Talk because coffee is an icebreaker–and because I love coffee and Jesus! How many times have you been invited, or invited someone to meet for coffee, even if you don’t drink it?”

Conversations over coffee foster discussion over deep and intimate subjects relevant to a broad scope of situations in life. Topics that are often difficult to address due to fear or intimidation, including exclusivity to gender or personal matters.

Christian Coffee Talk fosters Revelation 12:11 among women. We share our testimonies  to overcome adversity in our own lives, and lift others from theirs. God is not a respecter of persons. What He does for one of us, He will do for another.”

Christian Podcast

Christian Coffee Talk launched in November of 2016 when the Program Director of OJNR Radio offered Brandee a weekly, 1/2 hour slot on their Wednesday programming lineup.

One month before receiving OJNR’s invitation, Brandee met Babbie Mason on a Christian Cruise to Alaska. When Brandee told Babbie about Christian Coffee Talk for Women, Babbie prophesied that it would become a talk show.

After a successful year on OJNR, Christian Coffee Talk continues as a popular independent podcast, available on all major podcast platforms!

Let’s Connect!

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